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Fowler Center hosts 10 delegates from Norway and Sweden

Posted 12.12.2018

Fowler Center hosts 10 delegates from Norway and Sweden

In September, the Fowler Center hosted a group of 10 delegates from the regions of Trøndelag, Norway and Jämtland Härjedalen, Sweden who run an EU funded InterRegional cooperation project called SMICE. 

 The group was in Cleveland to learn about AIM2Flourish and the 10-year process of Sustainable Cleveland 2019 from different viewpoints, including the functional roles of academia, business consultants, neighborhood connectors, and the municipal planning office. They also attended and took part as participants in the 2018 Sustainable Cleveland Summit, connecting with great people involved in the journey of Sustainable Cleveland.

 Daniel Richardsson, who coordinated the trip, said, "we had a wonderful journey, with many great learnings and insights. Fowler Center Business as an Agent for World Benefit and Flourishing Leadership Institute told us ways to prepare and facilitate Appreciative Inquiry Summits in businesses. We experienced ways to support neighborhood connections and engagement by visiting a Neighbor Up gathering, which was truly inspiring for the whole group. And the visit at Cleveland City Planning Commission taught us about the role a municipality planning office can take on, making good things happen 'on-land' for people living there."

 Some insights that are inspiring for the group to bring home to the Mid Nordic Regions are: The forward-looking approaches used in Cleveland, and the insight of how stories, storytelling, and questions are very important and fateful features in large-scale change.

 "We believe becoming better at sharing stories with each other, will create a good collaborative climate and we will find each other faster,” says Solveig Gyllenhammar, who was visiting Cleveland for the first time.

 SMICE is a partnership and network working for creating sustainable and flourishing communities and businesses, by making sustainable ideas become reality. SMICE was first created as a prototype in a workshop in 2015, with inspiration from the Sustainable Cleveland initiative. The project has funding and runs between 2018-2020.

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