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Meet the GBSA Executive Board

Posted 10.22.2018

Between managing assignments, studying for tests and looking for jobs, graduate students are juggling a demanding schedule. Making time for professional development, local community service activities and opportunities to engage with employers, though critically important, is challenging to do on their own.

That’s where the Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) comes in.

The student-run Executive Board is made up of several hardworking graduate students who are dedicated to providing their peers engaging opportunities to students to improve leadership skills and create a sense of community among all graduate students.

It’s time to put a face to the names of the dedicated individuals who make up the 2018 GBSA Board. In their own words, learn about their diverse backgrounds, where they’re going and exciting opportunities the board hopes to bring all Weatherhead students this year and beyond.

Name: Chris Blanchard

GBSA Executive Board Position: President

Hometown: Traverse City, MI

Undergrad (School + Major): Miami of Ohio, Engineering + Entrepreneurship 

What are you studying at Weatherhead?: Full Time MBA focused in Finance

In your GBSA role, what do you hope to achieve this year? Energize, promote, and support, the incredible opportunities and resources that are available to us, the Weatherhead student. You're interested in a career in consulting? We have a top notch club for that. You're interested in design and strategy? We have a top notch club for that. How about Finance? Top notch club. Get out there and get involved. The education we are getting at Weatherhead is just as good as any other school, but it's up to you to out yourself out there and get after it. You're interested in improving your technical and soft skills? Get actively involved with a club. 

What are the benefits of joining a club? Through the clubs, there is an opportunity to meet industry experts, engaged alumni, an opportunity for you to work on case studies and competitions that will lead to powerful talking points during interviews.

Post-Weatherhead graduation goals? I work daily towards furthering my knowledge base in not only the technical areas of finance, accounting, and data analytics through my course work, but also work to keenly hone my invaluable soft skills, such as leadership and Appreciative Inquiry. This daily work as a student is lining me up for opportunities for career in investment banking, private equity, strategic consulting, or strategic marketing.

Name: Kuiran (TK) Song

GBSA Executive Board Position: VP of Social & Cultural Events 

Hometown: Shenyang, China 

Undergrad (School + Major): CWRU Marketing 

What are you studying at Weatherhead? Full time MSM-Finance, specialized in Corporate Finance. 

Goals as an executive board member for this year? I would love to promote more about GBSA to the student body and create events that are not only useful to grad students, but also fun and entertaining at the same time.

What is a fun fact about you? I enjoy doing extreme sports like skydiving and heli snowboarding and water activities like diving and jet skiing.

Name: Lauren Tancer

GBSA Executive Board Position: VP of Marketing & Communication 

Hometown: East Palestine, Ohio

Undergrad (School + Major): Miami University, Zoology & Entrepreneurship 

What are you studying at Weatherhead?: Full-Time MBA 

Post-Weatherhead graduation goals? I'd love to find a job in a company with a strong culture and a passion for what they do. I'm open to all types of opportunities and locations, so I'm very excited to see where I'll be at this time next year. 

What is a fun fact about you: I'm getting married in December! And I'm a five-time walker in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for The Cure, a 60-mile breast cancer awareness walk. 

Name: Jiaxin Hong

GBSA Executive Board Position: ORSC Program Representative

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Undergrad (School + Major): Shanghai Maritime University, Transportation & Communication 

What are you studying at Weatherhead?: Operations Research & Supply Chain Management

In your GBSA role, what do you hope to achieve this year? I hope all the ORSC students know about GBSA, and the majority of them could attend the activities and events that are conducted by GBSA.

Post-Weatherhead graduation goals? I am really interested in Supply Chain Industry focused in production and operation management, logistics planning and inventory analysis. Before graduation, I want to improve my data analytic skills, such as R and Python, and strengthen my soft skills like communication and leadership which could be a great help in my further study and work.

Why did you chose Weatherhead to pursue your degree? The reason I chose Weatherhead for my master's degree is its high culture diversity, great quality of education and its high reputation around the world.

Name: Adriana Benavides Treviño

GBSA Executive Board Position: VP of Academic Affairs

Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico

Undergrad (School + Major): Tec de Monterrey (ITESM); Chemical Engineering

What are you studying at Weatherhead? FT MBA

In your GBSA role, what do you hope to achieve this year? This year, we want to unify the Weatherhead community and students from all programs. In conjunction with all Program Representatives, I hope to give voice to every program and student to create a better academic experience that goes from classroom to Weatherhead events.

Post-Weatherhead graduation goals? One of my goals is to apply concepts and skills learned at Weatherhead, in order to contribute meaningfully to my workplace and community.  Additionally, I will seek to continue my professional and personal development by seeking different opportunities that challenge me and help me learn and enhance a wide array of skills.

Name: Suyash Gayawal

GBSA Executive Board Position: VP of Finance

Hometown: Pune, India

Undergrad (School + Major): Purdue University, Mechanical Engineering 

What are you studying at Weatherhead? MSM-Finance, Corporate Finance Track

In your GBSA role, what do you hope to achieve this year? I would like to improve the student experience at Weatherhead, act as a go-to resource for the clubs and the students, and turn GBSA in to a true facilitator for the Weatherhead community. 

Post-Weatherhead graduation goals? After graduation, I would like to join a top management consulting firm with the goal of solving challenging business problems across industry verticals. I believe consulting will teach me the most in the shortest period of time.

Name: Qingtong Chen

GBSA Executive Board Position: Curriculum Committee Representative

Hometown: Tianjin, China

Undergrad (School + Major): Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, major in Financial Management

What are you studying at Weatherhead: Masters of Accountancy

Goals for GBSA: I will work alongside Weatherhead leadership and represent all the students and fellow studentsAim to develop better curriculum plans for each of the school's program and shape a promising academic future.

Why did you chose Weatherhead to pursue your degree? Weatherhead has a good global ranking and reputation. The course setting is very practical and helpful. The faculty here are well-known for how helpful and supportive they are. 

Name: Harsh Ranjan

GBSA Executive Board Position: Executive Vice-President 

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Undergrad (School + Major) :Architecture and Urban Planning from Manipal University, India

What are you studying at Weatherhead?: Full-Time MBA

Why did you chose Weatherhead to pursue your degree? I was looking for schools that could give me the right analytical tools and leadership skills. I got the opportunity to visit Weatherhead during the Dean's Weekend and deep dive into what makes the MBA program special. I felt Weatherhead was the only school focusing on holistically developing student's skillsets to prepare them for the job market by incorporating design, sustainability and entrepreneurship into the course. Additionally, there was a huge emphasis on developing emotional intelligence to engage students to ask questions and share perspectives.

The other reason was the smaller cohort size of around 60 people, which I believe would make it easier to get to know one another on a personal level and facilitate collaboration and interaction with fellow classmates, professors and scholars. In addition to this, the visit for Dean's Weekend was my first time in Cleveland and the positive and humble nature of Clevelanders, current students, alumni and administration made me feel comfortable, appreciated and safe, making it an ideal choice to call home for the next two years and hopefully many more!

Name: Nathan Sundheimer

GBSA Executive Board Position:  MBA Program Representative

Hometown: Canton, Ohio

Undergrad (School + Major): College of Wooster, Neurobiology

What are you studying at Weatherhead: FT MBA with a focus in Healthcare

In your GBSA role, what do you hope to achieve this year? We hope to really connect the Weatherhead community, both in terms of connecting students of different class years within the same program as well as connecting students from different programs. We want to establish cohesion and inclusivity to create a family environment involving all programs. I hope to give representation to each and every student within all of the MBA programs, especially to ensure that their comments, questions and concerns are heard and addressed.  

Post-Weatherhead graduation goals: After graduation, I plan on matriculating into a master’s level biotechnology program out on the east coast. After completion of that program, I will be applying to medical school. I would ideally like to combine my passions for science and business during my medical career, either in the form of healthcare administration and/or consulting in the biomedical startup space. 

Name: Bei Wang

GBSA Executive Board Position: MAcc Program Representative 

Hometown: Xi'an China

Undergrad (School + Major): Guangdong University of Foreign Studies + International Business 

What are you studying at Weatherhead? Master of Accountancy

Post-Weatherhead graduation goals? I plan to start my career in public accounting and try to interact with business issues on an international scale. More importantly, I will engage in activities which give me chances to apply my knowledge and skills in order to give back to communities. 

Why did you chose Weatherhead to pursue your degree? I came to Weatherhead with an open mind to experience midwestern life. Weatherhead has a reputation with world renowned faculty and very interactive teaching style. Weatherhead fits me at this stage of my life and can elevate me to be closer to my career goals.

Name: Shu Liu

GBSA Executive Board Position: VP, Operations

Hometown: China, Nanjing.

Undergraduate (School + Major): Auditing at Nanjing Audit University.

What are you studying at Weatherhead: MSM-Finance

What do you hope to achieve in your role: I assist with other board members to encourage more and more graduate student to join GBSA activities, creating more opportunities for graduate students to socialize and try to enhance the enjoyable life-study environment at Weatherhead.

Post-Weatherhead graduation goals: My plan is to find a job that can utilize my class knowledge in practice.

Name: Bohao Bi

GBSA Executive Board Position: Finance Program Representative.

Hometown: Tianjin, China

Undergrad (School + Major): Nankai University, Insurance

What are you studying at Weatherhead: Finance

In your GBSA role, what do you hope to achieve this year?: As a program representative, I want to help GBSA develop a closer relationship between the students and the faculty and administration at the school. I will design, plan and promote more student activities and academic affairs in Weatherhead and attract more students to participate in these events. 

Post-Weatherhead graduation goals: I have great passion for volunteering in services of others and I am happy to spend my free time on improving others’ lives.

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