Weatherhead Faculty Lead the Conversation in This Summer’s Top Business Issues | Weatherhead

Weatherhead Faculty Lead the Conversation in This Summer’s Top Business Issues

Posted 9.4.2018

What do ESPN and NPR have in common aside from being giant, well-recognized organizations? Not much, besides featuring some of Weatherhead School of Management’s faculty in recent articles addressing today’s most pressing topics. Along with other notable outlets, these publications kept our professors busy this summer, seeking out insights on some of the world’s most significant news topics.

From Lebron’s shocking Cleveland exit to Elon Musk’s impulsive Twitter rant, we’ve rounded up the articles from this summer that featured the input and thoughts from several of Weatherhead’s very own.

NPR: With Real-Life Stories, White House Ad Campaign Aims To Prevent Youth Opioid Abuse

Back in June, NPR chatted with Casey Newmeyer, assistant professor of marketing; design and innovation, on the heavy topic of opioid addiction. The article features two national ads telling the story of teenagers and young people going to extreme measures in order to satisfy their opioid addiction. Newmeyer gives her take on the effectiveness of the public health campaigns.

New York Times: A Question for Tesla’s Board: What Was Elon Musk’s Mental State?

Scott Shane, professor of economics, spoke with the New York Times and tackled the Elon Musk phenomena, specifically diving into the chief executive’s bizarre string of tweets that had him landing in worldwide headlines in early August.  In an interesting article, Shane responds to why he believes Elon Musk is acting out.

ESPN: LeBron James is worth hundreds of millions to the Cavs and Cleveland

In one of the most devastating moments in Cleveland sports history, Lebron James’ exit from Cleveland received an incredible amount of worldwide attention. In June, when Cleveland fans still had their hopeful fingers crossed that the King would stay put, Daniel Shoag, visiting associate professor of economics, spoke with ESPN on how LeBron not only brought the city a championship, but also positively impacted its economic state. Can he have the same effect in other cities?

Bloomberg: Trump Said His Fuel Economy Re-Do Would Help Workers. Will It?

As President Trump makes promises to manufacture more automobiles in America by reworking standards and regulations, Bloomberg wanted to take a closer look into the accuracy behind his statements. The informative article asks Susan Helper, professor of economics, if there are negative effects that could occur and what this means for the future of America’s competitiveness in the market.

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