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Weatherhead Accelerates Philanthropy for Career Opportunities

Posted 7.18.2018

Several undergraduate students who recently participated in the donor-supported Undergraduate Wall Street Trek program delivered a message at Accelerate, Weatherhead’s annual celebration of the School’s philanthropic supporters: 

Thank you for your support!

The Wall Street Trek is a career-networking program that exposes students to an array of career options in New York City’s financial sector and aims to connect students with alumni to extend professional contacts prior to students entering the job market. Generously supported by several Weatherhead alumni, including Andrew Medvedev, BA ’97 and Joseph Sabatini, MBA ’81, both gentlemen shared their thoughts with luncheon guests on the importance of financially supporting career-focused programs for students.

“We’re able to give [students] exposure to dozens of professionals working in New York, and open up horizons to careers in consulting, banking, private equity, research, technology and operations and get them in the field to introduce them to the firms and jumpstart their connectivity—literally skipping ahead years it would [normally] take to build that kind of network,” shared Medvedev.  

Hosted at the Cleveland Botanical Garden, the afternoon luncheon featured several student and donor testimonials, and Dean Manoj Malhotra also recognized Weatherhead’s broad community of supporters who helped the School surpass its $65M Forward Thinking campaign goal during the course of the academic year. 

Andrew Medvedev, BA ’97; Dean Manoj Malhotra
Russ Warren, BS ’60; Clifford Wolf, MA ’77, MBA ’86; Linda E. Wolf; Jim Mason, MBA ‘67
Joe Sabatini, MBA ’81; Chip Moll, EMBA ’04; Jim Hilyard, MBA ’70
Steve Simmons, BS ’79, MS, ’82, MBA ’86; Joseph LaMantia, MBA ’86

Joe, MBA ’12 and Jen Allanson
Ginny, MS ’70 and George Havens, CIT ’49, MBA ’72; Cathy Alfred; Joe Degenfelder, MBA ’72; Pauline Degenfelder, PhD ’72, MBA ’82
Frank Jankowski, MBA ’86 and Linda Jankowski
Sam Tedesco, CWRU ’18; Elizabeth Hanna, CWRU ’20; Dean Malhotra; Aleksandra Lach, CWRU ’20; Ethan Glickstein, CWRU ’20

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