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Our Practitioner Scholar Community is Growing!

Posted 5.29.2018

Our Practitioner Scholar Community is Growing!
It has been an exciting past few months to be a practitioner scholar associated with the Weatherhead School of Management. Our traditional Graduation reception was held the night before our May 2018 Commencement for our graduates, their families and friends, and I was honored to welcome our 16 graduates of the DM/PhD programs as alumni. We are a flourishing global group of 286 practitioner scholars.  I emphasized to our newest alumni about the significance of relevance and rigor in their research, but more importantly to embrace the opportunities within the community that they have joined. 

The Engaged Practitioner Scholar (EPS) Fellowship program has grown to ten Fellows. One of our most recent graduates, Avi Turetsky (PhD ‘18), became a Fellow directly after his dissertation defense to ensure that he could continue his work with Jagdip Singh and others on research examining implications of statistical distribution shapes and parameters with a specific focus on the predictors of private equity performance differentiation.  Beth Fitz Gibbon (DM ‘09), our DM Alumni Council President, became a Fellow to explore new research on practical solutions supporting applied R&D for advanced manufacturing in high value sectors. She is eager to get back to work with Weatherhead faculty on her research.  Ann Kowal Smith (DM ‘10) joined and will be continuing her ground-breaking work with Books@Work, which uses literature discussions, led by a professor, to break down barriers, build connections and foster inclusion, trust, respect and well-being in organizations. There are a number of our alumni currently working on their EPS Fellowship applications.

An exciting event within our community was the Engaged Management Review (EMR) Workshop held on May 12, 2018 at Georgia State University. Twenty-five alumni from Executive Doctor of Business Administration Council (EDBAC) member schools were contacted regarding participation in the Workshop. The selection criteria included creation of an extended abstract by each of the alumni that was reviewed by EMR Journal editors.

Six of our DM/PhD alumni (including three EPS fellows) were invited to participate in the Workshop. Tom King (DM ‘16) translated his idea into a paper immediately and submitted to the Journal. Three others presented at the workshop for feedback and suggestions. The final two are in the process of analyzing data for empirical pieces for EMR review soon.

Aparna Katre (PhD ‘13), Joseph Leah (PhD ‘17) and I attended the Workshop (along with five authors from other doctorate programs). Our submissions were reviewed by either Kalle Lyytinen, Editor-In-Chief, or Lars Mathiassen, Senior Editor of the Journal. We received terrific, constructive and detailed feedback.  Aparna called the workshop session, “the best she has attended to date with journal editors”.  I am currently revising the paper Dale Hartz (DM ‘14) and I submitted to EMR for official Journal submission in June.

At the conclusion of the Workshop, all attendees agreed that it was a success and should be repeated frequently to benefit prospective EMR authors.  We strongly believe that EMR is an excellent outlet for practitioner scholars within our community. Kalle, Adrian Wolfberg (PhD ‘14), Co-Managing Editor, and I are eager to hear from you with your ideas for EMR submissions.

I am hopeful that the developments with the EPS Fellows and the success of the EMR Workshop will stimulate your desire to be active in our research community.  If you have questions, please reach out to me at pac4@case.edu and we will set up a call.

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