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AIM2Flourish Inspiration: Ohio-Based Green Edge Gardens

Posted 4.2.2018

In this biweekly series, read an inspiring AIM2Flourish business innovation story written by Weatherhead School of Management students.

Green Edge Gardens is family-owned farm in a small community in Appalachian Ohio. The company provides organic food to local restaurants and sells directly to customers through a thriving, local farmers market and CSA.

It is difficult to grow produce in the Ohio winters. In order to mitigate against the winter conditions, Green Edge Gardens developed an economically and environmentally friendly system for winter growing without heating their green houses

Green Edge Gardens is one of the central drivers of the thriving local food network in the area around Athens, Ohio. Their year-round food production supplies community supported agriculture (CSAs), the local farmer’s market and restaurants with an ongoing supply of produce, supporting a flourishing local food economy.

Year-round farming has increased the farm’s resource flow. While some farmers find it necessary to augment their farm work during the off-season, Green Edge Garden has been able to maintain steady work throughout the year and, thus, has boosted its revenue.

Thanks to Weatherhead School of Management student Peter Mather for writing the AIM2Flourish innovation story called: Economically and Environmentally Friendly Year-round Farming.

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