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AIM2Flourish Inspiration: Cleveland-Based Everarbor Company

Posted 3.20.2018

In this biweekly series, read an inspiring AIM2Flourish business innovation story written by Weatherhead School of Management students.

Everarbor Company is a Cleveland-based company that innovates in many ways by re-purposing materials most other companies would discard.

They take what others see as trash and craft it into shelving, fencing, or even a bridge to create a path over a small creek. However, the shining star for Everarbor is their nutrient rich soil additive Everbrew. It can be utilized in many forms from large scale farming to small urban gardens and everything in between.

The product is formed using the waste from local Cleveland breweries and coffee shops that would otherwise go to a landfill. For context, breweries alone are left with 85% of their of their raw materials in the form of spent grain that serves no further use. Everarbor, unlike its competitors, has found a purpose for these materials.

Thanks to Weatherhead School of Management student Dominic DeMore for writing the AIM2Flourish innovation story called: Step Outside: Cleveland Beyond the Buildings.

At the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, we believe that the best businesses are both profitable and show a positive impact for society, the environment, and employees. To build the case, our AIM2Flourish initiative’s website has nearly 1,000 student-written examples of businesses doing exactly that.

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