News from Beth Fitz Gibbon, DM ‘09, Council President | Weatherhead

News from Beth Fitz Gibbon, DM ‘09, Council President

Posted 3.2.2018

News from Beth Fitz Gibbon, DM ‘09, Council President

As President of the DM Program’s Alumni Council, I welcome you to the premier issue of the DM Digest. Weatherhead’s DM Programs now have 270 alumni. As a member of this sizeable and impressive community of practitioner-scholars, you represent some of the finest management leaders, university educators and researchers in the world. 

After more than 20 years, the DM Programs remain at the forefront of practitioner doctoral programs, and is a research professional doctoral program recognized as “Level 1” by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. 

The DM Alumni Council is honored to advocate on your behalf, and support the Program staff’s efforts to engage you in reunions, continuing education events, research dialogue and collaborations, and fundraising. Our responsibilities as a Council are to: 

  • Participate in quarterly DM Programs Council meetings and periodic committee meetings
  • Seek your feedback so we can represent alumni to:
    • Build community among alumni, faculty, staff and current students 
    • Work to increase reunion and workshops attendance by helping to design compelling, relevant content. 
      • Assist in developing informative alumni panels for reunions
      • Organize entertaining and convivial social events
    • Identify alumni interests in addition to reunions
    • Engage to build regional alumni networks outside of Cleveland 
  • Assist with the administration’s program priorities and help by:
    • Talking with program candidates
    • Writing website testimonials
    • Advocating or participating in the Engaged Practitioner Scholars Fellowship
    • Contributing to the Engaged Management Research Journal 
    • Promoting alumni financial contributions to the DM Programs
    • Attend annual Program strategic planning retreats 
  • Contribute ideas for marketing to and recruiting potential students 

In spring 2018 we will issue a survey of our alumni community.  Your insights and advice are priceless. The data you provided with previous  surveys contributed to two research papers currently being written on practitioner scholarship by Paul Salipante, Kalle Lyytinen and Dick Boland.   

ALUMNI COUNCIL MEMBERS REPRESENT YOU.  If you have questions, comments, or want to volunteer to help, or have ideas for the 2018 Reunion or the 2020 anniversary celebration, please contact me and Sue.  Thank you!


Beth Fitz Gibbon, DM ’09, President
Portland, Oregon and Atlanta, Georgia

James Ogundele, DM ‘06

Monika Hudson, DM ‘07
San Francisco, CA

Bruce Gockerman, DM ‘08
Chicago, IL

Joann Farrell Quinn, PhD ‘13
Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL

Dale Hartz, DM ‘14
Cleveland/Akron, OH

Phil Cola, PhD ‘15
Cleveland, OH

Lori Kendall, PhD ‘16
Columbus, OH

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