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Fowler Center Presents Embedded Sustainability at CWRU Social Justice Teach In

Posted 2.19.2018


   Each February, a coalition of on and off campus organizations host a Social Justice Teach In on the campus of Case Western Reserve University. This year’s event was hosted by the InterReligious Task Force on Latin America (IRTF), as well as Lambda Eta Mu, Alpha Phi Omega, and our colleagues at the CWRU Social Justice Institute and the CWRU Center for Civic Engagement (CCEL). The event on February 10th drew hundreds, and representatives from the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit discussed Embedded Sustainability at a fully booked breakout session that afternoon.


  Fowler Center Senior Director Katherine Gullett and Fowler Family Fellow John Turner explained the concept of embedded sustainability to workshop participants. Business initiatives can make money or lose money for the company’s shareholders, and provide benefit for or do harm to its stakeholders. Embedded sustainability is achieved when an innovation provides positive returns for shareholders and benefits stakeholders. John and Katherine introduced attendees to AIM2Flourish, an initiative of the Fowler Center, which collects and tells stories written by students around the world about outstanding examples of Business as an Agent of World Benefit, companies that embody embedded sustainability.


   AIM2Flourish uses the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals to measure how business innovations are benefiting the world. Each year, companies receive Flourish Prizes for advancing the SDGs, one for each of the 17 Goals. Workshop attendees had the chance to break into small groups and discuss how 2017 Flourish Prize Winners SmartPaani, MPOWERD, Bureo, BIOCONEXION, Cipla, and Buza embody Business as an Agent of World Benefit and contribute to social justice.


Click here to see photos from the event.



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