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AIM2Flourish Inspiration: Ecosia

Posted 2.12.2018

In this new biweekly series, read an inspiring AIM2Flourish business innovation story written by Weatherhead School of Management students.

We’ve all heard the advice not to “miss the forest for the trees.” An innovative internet search firm based in Berlin, Germany called Ecosia takes this one step further. The company earns market share in a field dominated by giants like Google by planting trees for users’ clicks.

Ecosia works like a standard search engine, with a twist. The company applies 80 percent of its profits to planting trees and other projects that restore the natural environment.

Thanks to Weatherhead School of Management and Fowler Family Fellow John Turner for writing the AIM2Flourish innovation story called: Plant Trees While You Search the Web.

At the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, we believe that the best businesses are both profitable and show a positive impact for society, the environment, and employees. To build the case, our AIM2Flourish initiative’s website has nearly 1,000 student-written examples of businesses doing exactly that.

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