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Student’s Team Wins Cleveland Clinic Solutions Competition

Posted 11.17.2017

Cleveland Clinic Solution Comp. Winners 2017

Weatherhead student Amday Wolde (MBA/Med Physiology) and his team members took home first prize in Cleveland Clinic Solutions’ mini case competition held last month. During the high stakes, three-day-long competition, students were asked to address challenges and opportunities in the health care sector that specifically impact the Cleveland Clinic.

Wolde’s team took on the challenge of improving the Cleveland Clinic’s Weight Management Program. “I compiled my teammates’ brilliant ideas into a model with a catchy acronym, the ‘FICCS’ model,” says Wolde. “Explaining each letter of the model made complex ideas easy to understand. I guess we can say that the judges liked our idea of how we can ‘FICCS’ our country’s weight management challenges.”

As a result of the team’s impressive presentation, the Cleveland Clinic plans to move forward with one of the ideas in the team’s model, changing the name of one of its wellness programs from “Come Cook with Us” to “Let’s Cook Together.” “This new title promotes collaboration with the community and aims to empower patients enrolled in the Weight Management Program,” says Wolde.

Wolde used the skills he’s learning in his full-time MBA program at Weatherhead to help him in the competition. “Being able to apply my critical thinking and presentation skills that I learned at the business school to win first place at the competition felt amazing because I knew that it would open doors for my teammates and me as we move forward in our careers.” 

Congratulations Amday! 

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