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Undergrad Noah Blatt shares intern experience at Start-Up Chile

Posted 8.8.2017

Undergraduate student Noah Blatt shares his experience as a summer intern for Start-Up Chile.

Over this summer, I have been interning at Start-Up Chile, the top startup accelerator in Latin America and one of the top startup accelerators in the world. As an intern for the Acceleration Team, I have had the pleasure of working with startup founders from countries all over the world as they take part in our program. It has been a great opportunity for me to be able to meet incredible individuals from all walks of life, as well as learn more about the intricacies of running a startup.

Working at Start-Up Chile has been an amazing experience thus far. The Start-Up Chile team is young and incredibly accomplished, and the other interns working with me are from various countries around the world. This creates an entertaining work environment where it is common to hear conversations in four different languages within the first hour of the work day. Additionally, I have been able to meet several of Start-Up Chile’s partners who are leaders in their fields from all over Latin America and Silicon Valley.

I was introduced to this internship the same way I was introduced to startup culture in general: through the SAGES course Beyond Silicon Valley taught by Weatherhead’s Michael Goldberg. Before the course, I had a very basic knowledge of startups and held no real interest in them. During the course, my view of startups began to change as I learned about more examples of startups and how important they are in the world economy. This newfound interest led me to pursue this internship where I am now even more interested in startup culture and its impact on economic development.

Having this experience has definitely changed my outlook on what I want to do post-graduation. I am incredibly grateful to Start-Up Chile for having offered me this opportunity, to the SOURCE office for funding this internship, and to Michael Goldberg for sparking my interest in startups and putting me in contact with people who helped me get the internship.

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