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Why ‘Skinny’ Obamacare Repeal Is a Terrible Idea

Posted 7.27.2017

Why ‘Skinny’ Obamacare Repeal Is a Terrible Idea

In an OpEd in The New York Times, J.B. Silvers, PhD, Weatherhead's John R. Mannix Medical Mutual of Ohio Professor of Health Care Finance, discusses what a "skinny" repeal of the Affordable Care Act actually means, and his opinion on why it is a terrible idea.

Dr. Silvers teaches courses in Weatherhead's MBA and EMBA programs, as well as in the Cleveland Clinic-Executive MBA, MSM-Finance, and the MSM-Healthcare programs.

An excerpt from the OpEd:

The proposal most often labeled “skinny” would repeal the insurance mandate for individuals and larger employers under the banner of choice and freedom — both standard objectives of conservatives. It also would repeal taxes on medical-device manufacturers and, perhaps, also on insurers, with the goal of reducing the costs that must be reflected in premiums.

On the surface, both of those changes seem modest and reasonable. But I can assure Congress, as a former insurance company chief executive, that they would lead to a bloated upscale version of the Medicaid expansion so hated by conservatives. The result would be not only the loss of coverage for millions of people but also an even bigger bill for the government to pick up.

Read the full The New York Times OpEd

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