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Cleveland at Center of 'Flourishing Enterprises' During Fourth Global Forum

Posted 6.2.2017

Cleveland at Center of 'Flourishing Enterprises' During Fourth Global Forum

In an Op-Ed published on, Chris Laszlo, Faculty Executive Director and Char and Chuck Fowler Professor of Business as an Agent of World Benefit details why now more than ever business leaders need to adopt  the concept of "flourishing enterprise," which is about creating prosperity, contributing to a healthy natural environment and improving human well-being. On June 14-16, Cleveland and Weatherhead will become the center of this powerful new model for doing business, during the Fourth Global Forum:

 The concept of flourishing enterprise sprung from the sustainability movement, which businesses embraced as a way to "do less harm." Today, in a world beset by rising socioeconomic inequality, global conflicts, and climate change, simply doing less damage often is viewed as an inadequate approach. A growing number of businesses now know that combating the world's challenges requires firms instead to leave a positive handprint, increasing economic prosperity while actively improving the environment and society -- or embracing flourishing enterprise.

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