Bilimoria: Unconscious Gender Bias Obstructs Women in Manufacturing

Posted 5.25.2017

Bilimoria: Unconscious Gender Bias Obstructs Women in Manufacturing

Diana Bilimoria, professor of organizational behavior & instructor for the Leadership Lab for Women in STEM™ wrote an op-ed for IndustryWeek looking at the role that unconcious gender bias plays in creating barriers for women in the manufacturing industry.

This strong and invisible bias can exclude women from opportunities in many ways. For example, gendered work roles and career paths are the norm in many industries, and particularly in manufacturing. These industries, and society, expect men to fill the vast majority of engineering, sales representative, and high-level management positions, while quality control, safety, accounting, human resources and other support-oriented careers are more typically associated with women.

This creates a “double bind” mismatch for women between what are considered feminine qualities (nurturing, caring, supportive, kind, etc.) as opposed to desired leadership characteristics (aggressiveness, independence, control, drive, etc.), which are deemed as more “masculine.”

Read the full article at IndustryWeek

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