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Women in Organizational Leadership in 2017

Posted 1.20.2017

There is an irrefutable link between women in leadership and improved business performance. Yet, women and the organizations they work for struggle to mutually benefit from their relationship. 

The advancement of women in the global business world is often unfairly influenced by a societal bias that equates leadership with men. Organizations that recognize and mitigate these biases by developing processes and procedures to promote women will have a competitive advantage.

In this ongoing, monthly series, the Weatherhead School of Management will explore the challenges women and their employers face when trying to maximize their mutual success. We will identify and discuss solutions that have proven effective for individuals as well as major corporations.

This month, the series is kicked off by featuring an Op-Ed from Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior Diane Bergeron on the difficulty women have advancing in their career when organizations do not recognize the value that intangible job functions bring.

Future topics to be covered include:

  • Career limitations and opportunities for women in a global economy;
  • Engendering confidence in male-dominated fields;
  • How women support or deride women, affecting career advancement;
  • Developing a work-life balance and educating girls about careers;
  • Implicit bias and its impact on women and organizations.

Each segment will include feedback and engagement from Weatherhead students, faculty and recent graduates. To participate in the conversation, engage with us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, using the hashtag, #WSOMwomeninleadership

LISTEN to Diane Bergeron discussing the topic of intangible job functions on the Beyond Management podcast:

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