AIM2Flourish Update

AIM2Flourish Update

Posted 11.30.16


Housed at the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, AIM2Flourish is a global prize and story platform to celebrate innovations in for-profit businesses that are also good for people and the planet. We do this by offering Professors the first and only higher-education curriculum to teach the new 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Business for Good innovation. Their students write the stories that live on, using Appreciative Inquiry for in-person interviews with business leaders.

In just over a year, we've published 300+ new business innovation stories that are solving one or more of the UN's SDGs—all written by business students around the world, including the Weatherhead School of Management. We’re working with 99 professors worldwide and have 1,600+ community members in 56 countries. By December 31, we expect to have over 450 stories! (Check out the 17 stories featured recently in CWRU’s think alumni magazine.)

In September, AIM2Flourish was named as the student engagement partner for the UN’s new Global Solutions Platform of business solutions for the SDGs, launching in May 2017. We’re excited to see what this business collaboration will look like, and how we can contribute to world-benefitting change.

It's all leading up to the inaugural 17 Flourish Prizes (one for each SDG) that we'll celebrate at the Fourth Global Forum for Business as an Agent of World Benefiton June 14-16, 2017.

While the AIM2Flourish team lives all over from Mexico to Cleveland, to Washington, DC to New Jersey, all the way to Morocco and beyond, our heart beats in the Fowler Center. Learn more about the AIM2Flourish team and please reach out to say hello.


We Can Change the World for Good

Here are 7 easy ways you can help us get the word out and become an active member of our community.

1. Create your AIM2Flourish Profile AIM2Flourish Sign Up
2. Like and comment on the student stories you like best AIM2Flourish stories
3. Share a "Sighting
" of a business innovation for good Create New Sighting
4. Connect with AIM2Flourish
on Facebook & Twitter

5. Help with AIM2Flourish Social Media 
6. Become an AIM2Flourish Story Steward  
7. (Students) Ask your professor to offer AIM2Flourish

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