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An interview with Weatherhead's first Public Speaking Club

Posted 11.15.2016

Second-year MBA students Adam Belcher, Anthony Manna and Andrew Qustarted Weatherhead's first Public Speaking Club. Hear their insights and thoughts on why they thought it was a needed addition to the clubs at Weatherhead.

1. What prompted you to start Public Speaking Club? Anthony: We realized people needed help preparing for presentations. Students have great ideas, so it is critical that students have the skills to express and share these ideas. The original idea came from Jose Olevareas, a 2016 graduate, while he was a second-year finance student. Adam Belcher, Andrew Qu and I took on this challenge and Public Speaking Club was born! 

2. What have been some of the successes of Public Speaking Club? Anthony: Our first meeting had 45 people, with a great deal of positive feedback. Since we strive to cover all facets of public speaking and presentation, we were excited to learn that conversation skills was of particular interest to our students. In response, we were able to bring in a local politician to discuss how to present your message in conversational setting. 

3. Have you learned anything about the needs of your classmates and school? Andrew: We learned that there are many schedules to work around in the building! Anthony: Yeah, we are still determining demand and how to best meet them considering desire and availability of the student body. 

4.Tell me about your weekly workshop. Adam: Every Friday between 12-2 p.m. in PBL 123 we host an open workshop for students preparing presentations. It is an awesome opportunity to improve your performance and hopefully raise your grade! We have even had Executive MBA groups come to us. We hope this becomes a permanent part of Public Speaking Club. 

5. Tell us about the upcoming event on November 18? Adam: We are having two people come to speak, Sara DeSwart, interim director of UCite, and a professional voice coach and actress. We also have Bill Doll, SAGES instructor and author of the book “Speak: How to Talk to Classmates and Others." They will discuss mostly body language and public speaking. We first met Sara and Bill in our LEAD class when Professor Ellen Van Oosten had them speak about presence. There was lots of positive feedback so we wanted to offer it again to students! This will be on Friday, November 18, from 11a.m.-noon in room 118. We would love to see a big turn out!

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