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Becoming the business-minded designer: web and app development career spotlight

Posted 10.11.2016

Successful web and app developers are passionate about their work, which is highly detail-oriented, scientific and creative. But what do they do when they’ve been working the same job for a few years without growth? If they begin to lead a team, how can they learn the management skills they need?

Find out how creative-minded developers can drive purposeful careers with a business degree that focuses on design learning.

Design Learning for the Developer Who Wants to Grow

As developers advance in their careers, they’re often approached with the opportunity to start managing a team. While some may want to remain strictly in development, many consider management an opportunity to bring even more purpose to their jobs. In this growing career field – the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts development jobs will grow 27%, much faster than the average job, from 2014 to 2024 – the need for leadership and opportunities for growth will only rise.

If you’re one of these high-achieving developers, you might have considered getting management training or even earning an MBA to help you as you take on leadership responsibilities. The thought of investing thousands of dollars in a degree created for business executives probably doesn’t appeal to you. But as a developer, you’re a natural innovator. Development has shifted from websites to apps, from desktop to mobile, and you’ve been at the forefront of navigating those changes. You know that when change happens, education is needed to continue creating the best possible user experiences. In your shift to management, you know you need leadership training if you want to help your team in the best ways possible. But what education options will be effective for your design-specific career path?

At the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, we believe in providing creative minds with the leadership skills they need to make an impact. Developers, focused on providing efficient, functional, beautiful web and application experiences, already know how to spot problems and fix them quickly. This may even be why they’re asked to step up into a management position. Weatherhead has created management programs that utilize this detailed method of problem solving and design learning so you can learn how to lead a team or organization in a way that fits your natural abilities.

By learning more about how web and app development impact your business – or the business of your clients – you can help your team of developers achieve even more success. Here are a few of the ways a design-learning management program can help you grow:

  • Learn how to better understand business goals so your team can create websites and applications that are acutely aligned yet beautifully creative.
  • Apply innovation to your daily interactions so you can create even more value in your relationships with clients, coworkers and your community.
  • Use appreciative inquiry when leading your team and strategizing development plans.
  • Develop processes that empower your team toward more efficient and effective problem solving.
  • Discover team management techniques that propel individuals to flourish together and independently.
  • Uncover business opportunities that are currently holding your team back from success.

The right management training – one that’s designed for a creative, detail-oriented professional – can transform a developer’s career. Are you interested in learning more about your management degree options? Contact us for more information.


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