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Call for World Changers

Posted 6.7.2016

Today, we launch a new theme in our Stories column:

Weatherhead World Changers


Inspired by the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, we want to shine light on those who are a part of flourishing enterprises. David Cooperrider, PhD, defined these flourishing enterprises as:

people being inspired every day and bringing their whole selves into the enterprise; it’s about innovation arising from everywhere; and it’s about realizing remarkable relationship value with stakeholders, including customers, communities, and societies, and ultimately with a thriving biosphere.


Does your for-profit organization empower innovation? Do you have meaningful relationships with your coworkers? Does your organization build productive relationships within its community and society? 

We want to hear about it. Contact Sarah Wells at to begin the conversation, and your story can be shared here.

Guiding Questions

Do you know your organization is changing the world but aren’t sure where to begin? Focus on answering one or all of these questions in your email to us:

  • What community organizations does my company partner with? What are the fruits of that relationship?
  • What’s inspiring about the friendships within my organization?
  • What innovation have I been empowered to pursue? What was the process like?
  • How has my organization helped me develop my full self?


Start by sending us a short paragraph (or the full story) and your contact information, and we’ll reach out to you to learn more. Tell us your story today! 

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