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Chris Laszlo new faculty executive director of Fowler Center

Posted 5.2.2016

Chris Laszlo new faculty executive director of Fowler Center

Chris Laszlo, PhD, professor of organizational behavior, is the new faculty executive director of the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management.

“We are excited about Chris’s elevated leadership in a center that represents the heart of Weatherhead and look forward to all of the good things to come from his direction in the Fowler Center,” says Rob Widing, Dean and Albert J. Weatherhead, III Professor of Management at Weatherhead.

Char and Chuck Fowler’s vision for the center, to showcase the critical role business plays in world betterment through its impact on people, planet and prosperity, has been advanced through this appointment. Laszlo succeeds Roger Saillant, who served as the executive director of the Fowler Center from 2009 until April of this year.

“Roger led the Fowler Center through a season of tremendous growth and excitement, directing the Third Global Forum, helping to launch AIM2Flourish and the Strategic Innovation Lab, and sustaining a thriving team of advisory board members, faculty, staff, and volunteers toward the powerful goal of using business as an agent of world benefit,” Widing says. “We are grateful for Saillant’s service to Weatherhead and the Fowler Center.” Katherine Gullett, operations manager working with Roger Saillant, will now assume the responsibilities of senior director in the new structure.

As one of the originators of the concept of sustainable value and as co-founder of Sustainable Value Partners LLC, Laszlo brings a wealth of experience and passion to his role in the Fowler Center. Laszlo first joined Weatherhead in 2007. Prior to his initial appointment at Weatherhead, Laszlo served for nearly ten years as an executive at Lafarge and as a consultant on strategy to global industry leaders for five years before that at Deloitte Touche.

Laszlo is the author of five books, including Flourishing Enterprise: The New Spirit of Business, Embedded Sustainability: the Next Big Competitive Advantage, and Sustainable Value: How the World’s Leading Companies Are Doing Well by Doing Good. His current research project explores the emotional and relational basis for leadership and the necessity for a “new consciousness of connectedness in leaders and organizations.” The forthcoming management book, Quantum Leadership, co-authored by Laszlo and Fowler Center Advisory Board Member Frederick Chavalit Tsao, has an advance contract with Stanford University Press and is scheduled for 2019 release.

The Fowler Center’s work has grown in recent years due to the tremendous efforts of a team of faculty and staff members, including Laszlo, who has served as the faculty director for research and outreach since 2012. Building on the union of Appreciative Inquiry with sustainable value, the Fowler Center executes its mission to “advance the scholarship and practice of flourishing enterprise” through four main initiatives:

Quantum Leadership

The newest of the Fowler Center’s initiatives, Quantum Leadership will build upon Laszlo’s research with Tsao to deliver global practitioner conferences, executive workshops and alliances with like-minded leaders and organizations to facilitate leadership transformation through changes in consciousness. These changes in consciousness will help leaders and organizations develop profit strategies aimed at healthy environments and increasing wellbeing.


AIM2Flourish celebrates and catalyzes radical innovation as part of a global learning challenge. Through AIM2Flourish, students, business schools, and businesses around the world partner together to discover new ways of doing business that are both profitable and uplifting for people and their communities. These innovation stories are measured against the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and published on the website. Stories unearthed through the Appreciative Inquiry process will be celebrated at the next Global Forum.

Strategic Innovation Lab

Launched in September 2014 at Weatherhead, the Strategic Innovation Lab is committed to systems-wide change through forming partnerships with business leaders and civil society leaders at the national, regional, and local levels to develop a new economic engine for the 21st century. The Lab’s goal is to create and begin building the future we want, now, to power a new era of prosperity, security and sustainability.

Global Forum for Business as an Agent of World Benefit

First launched in 2006, the Global Forum is structured as a massive design studio for advancing business as an agent of world benefit. The Global Forum brings together the Fowler Center’s wealth of knowledge, resources, and activities into one powerful multi-day session to continue the conversation and action around changing the world for good through business. The Forum addresses all levels of leadership and impact, from the individual to the team, from the team to the organization, and from the organization to society. The Fourth Global Forum will take place in June 2017.

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