Posted 12.9.15

Gary Previts, PhD, E. Mandell de Windt Professor of Leadership and Enterprise Development, Distinguished University Professor and Professor of Accountancy, announces the 18th and 19th books published in Studies in the Development of Accounting Thought Series. Previts is the Series Editor at Emerald Publishing.

The 18th book in the series is History of Management Accounting in Japan: Institutional and Cultural Significance of Accounting by Hiroshi Okano. This book sheds light on the interpenetration process between practice and theory of "Japanese management accounting" by using historical methods.

The 19th book, Count Down: The Past, Present and Uncertain Future of the Big Four Accounting Firms by Jim Peterson, looks at the complex challenges facing the Big Four, questions the feasibility and achievability of the various proferred "solutions," and proposes an evolved model for Big Audit that would be both sustainable for the large firms and fit to serve the capital markets of the 21st century.



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