Posted 11.10.15

Anthony Bucaro, PhDNew to Weatherhead this year, Anthony Bucaro, PhD, assistant professor of accounting, isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Not just in his yard and garden, though that is one of the ways Bucaro likes to spend the occasional free time he has when he’s not with his family, or, of course, teaching. Bucaro doesn’t hold back in most aspects of life.

With a desire to teach always in the back of his mind, Bucaro thought he would make that switch only once retired from a long career as a public accountant. After 15 years in the field, however, he decided it was time to move on; he left his position in 2009 and pursued a PhD.

“The only other career that I had ever been excited about was one in higher education. I just went all in,” says Bucaro.

Bucaro says his professional experience can have a positive—and sometimes negative—influence on what and how he teaches.

“It’s both a blessing and a curse. It helps me to recognize the questions that the audit profession is most likely to care about. It also causes me to want to find quick answers,” Bucaro says, “but the scientific process takes time and patience, two scarce resources.”

The opportunity to really dig into some of the basics of the accounting profession and instill them in the next wave of accounting professionals is what Bucaro finds to be so rewarding about his newfound career. 

But like any profession, teaching isn’t without its challenges.

“What I sometimes have trouble remembering is that my students haven't been in the accounting world for 20 years. Things that make perfect sense to me, well... it turns out they don't to everyone. It's a time of discovery for all of us.”

Bucaro also likes to get his hands dirty in one of the areas that count most: community involvement.  

“I once kissed a pig on the snout for charity. There are no pictures.”

Throughout his career, Bucaro has led several community days of service, bringing people out of their offices for the day to plant gardens for low-income schools or brighten up the facilities of nonprofits.

“Everyone leaves with a sense of having given back and a recognition that there’s more out there than just their office space.”

Bucaro’s strong sense of community is one of the reasons why he and Weatherhead are a good fit.

“I grew up in a family that taught me to have a positive impact on my world—one of the many reasons for my mid-career change. Now I’m doing my best to instill that in others—especially my two young daughters.”



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