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A standing desk for kids to help change our sitting culture

Posted 9.4.2015

(there's an adult-size, too)


Article via Fast Company:

Photo via Jaswig

As much as you might want to ditch your office chair for a standing desk, a lifetime of sitting is a hard habit to break. So when a group of designers decided to attack the culture of sitting, they realized that they should start at the beginning and make a kid-sized standing desk.

"Sitting is the norm in our society," says Mathias Ellegiers (MEM '14), one of the founders of Jaswig, the standing desk startup. "Have a look around you—your home, public spaces, transportation, and classrooms—everywhere you are invited to sit down. This norm has proven to be unhealthy. Our mission is to address this global issue at its origin."

Goldilocks-style, Jaswig makes three sizes of its sit-stand desks: Big, medium, and small enough that it could be used in a kindergarten classroom.

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Ellegiers participated in the MIDS 420 Design in Management: Concept and Practices year-long capstone while at Case Western Reserve University, a course that teaches students how to use design principles in management to conceive of a more desirable product, service, process or organization.


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