Posted 8.24.15

J.B. Silversby Casey Ross, from

Inside the offices of ShurTech Brands, which markets DuckTape and other specialty adhesives, executives formally launched a first-of-its-kind arrangement with the Cleveland Clinic to provide on-site primary and preventive care to its 350 employees.

That might not sound groundbreaking, and in some ways it is a throwback to a time when many large companies operated medical clinics on their properties. But in an era of big medicine and runaway health care costs, the arrangement offers hope of a quantum leap forward in efforts to provide better quality care at a lower cost.

"This is a first step, and it's not out of line with how a lot of companies are thinking about this," said J.B. Silvers, a professor of health care finance of at Case Western Reserve University. "If you can find a better way to take care of your employees, you can save some serious money."


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