Rob Kenney, MBA '04, and Matthew Maloney

Posted 7.27.2015

Rob Kenney, MBA '04, and Matthew Maloney

The Weatherhead School of Management and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation have undergone a second collaboration, establishing the Cleveland Clinic and Operations Research/Supply Chain Internship Program.

Initially a volunteer internship for 14 Operations Research/Supply Chain Management (OR/SCM) students, thanks to the partnership between Robert Kenney and Matthew Maloney, the program has grown into a year-long paid internship opportunity.

Rob Kenney, who graduated from Weatherhead in 2004 with his MBA and in 2000 with his Masters of Engineering, is an Administrative Director of Process Improvement at the Cleveland Clinic and oversees the internship program.

Matthew Maloney is director of the MSM-Operations Research and Supply Chain Management program at Weatherhead and works closely with Rob Kenney. This program focuses on exposing students to continuous improvement methodologies and systems in a healthcare environment. Students apply skills learned in the Weatherhead program to skills acquired on the job to make significant contributions and ultimately deliver results to the Cleveland Clinic.

Skill development and learning center on logistics modeling and optimization, process throughput and efficiency, staffing model builds and optimization, and numerous patient service-related projects. Each student in the program, with a Cleveland Clinic mentor, assisted in supporting projects and provided collaborative support in various project-specific departments.

"The students from the OR/SCM program were considered caregivers and fellow team members," Rob Kenney said. "Many of the projects led to significant improvements and incredible results all the way up to six-figure financial impact. The students brought unique and diverse skills and approaches that the continuous improvement department was able to add to their service offering. This was extremely beneficial."

The program has proven to be a valuable learning experience for Weatherhead students. They learn project management skills, gain a strong foundation in continuous improvement, and obtain hands-on work experience in the healthcare industry.

A key takeaway for Lilly Li, a 2015 Weatherhead OR/SCM graduate and former program intern, is that the healthcare industry can create value through waste optimization and a lean system to improve performance. As an intern she acted as team leader and project manager. In order to service this role she worked with a cross-functional team consisting of physicians, doctors, nurses, and operations professionals. Li’s experience has enabled her to develop valuable leadership skills, of which she is utilizing in her current position as Supply Manager at Phillips Healthtech. 

"The Cleveland Clinic Foundation has prepared me to enter into an executive position and provide support for a top management group.” Lilly said. “It was helpful for me to learn the Clinic’s core value of 'Patients First' as it translates directly into my work with Phillips Healthtech, where the top priority is to create the best quality for patients. I can say that my internship with the Cleveland Clinic has helped me build a very solid foundation for my career."



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