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Cross-border investing

Posted 6.11.2015

Michael GoldbergMichael Goldberg, visiting assistant professor of design and innovation, discusses cross-border investing with Nick Moran, podcast host of The Full Ratchet: Startup Investing & Fundraising from the Angel and Venture Capital Experts.

During the podcast, Moran and Goldberg discuss these questions:

  • What countries have you either made investements or worked to help facilitate fundraising?
  • What are the most significant challenges to cross-border investing?
  • Can you discuss the primary legal challenges that you've encountered and any best practices for addressing them?
  • What are some of the financial issues and/or audit issues that arise from cross-border investing, and are there ways to mitigate them at the time of investment?
  • Have you ever encountered corruption in a cross-border deal? If so, what occurred and has that changed your approach?
  • Do you have any advice for stateside Angels and/or Groups that are exploring a strategy to invest in cross-border startups?

The Full Ratchet is a podcast hosted by Nick Moran of Moran interviews the Venture Capital and Angel Investing experts on how to be successful investing in early-stage companies. Existing investors can learn how to get the best deal possible and those that have never before invested in startups can learn the keys to success from the venture experts.

Listen to Episode 38: Cross-Border Investing on iTunes.

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