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Customizing your major: Five questions with Morgan Bulger

Posted 5.14.2015

Morgan Bulger chose to customize her Bachelor of Science in Management degree to combine her passion for environmental studies with business. Her concentration in sustainability prepared her for a research associate position at the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition after graduation. She is now enrolled in the PhD in Organizational Behavior program at Weatherhead.
We asked Morgan to answer the following questions about why she chose to customize her major:

1. What drew you to CWRU and the Weatherhead School of Management? 

I am from Lakewood, Ohio, and I love Cleveland. I knew I wanted to stay around the area, and CWRU is the best school in Ohio. Of course my parents also liked the idea of me being close to home so this seemed like a great choice. I chose to apply specifically to Weatherhead because I wanted to be able to study business as I believed it was a great program that would also allow me to keep my options open. At 17, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for a living but a degree in business could be applicable to any position, so I decided that Weatherhead would be the best fit for me.

2. What field of interest did you incorporate into your BS in Management? 

My concentration in Sustainability incorporated Environmental Studies and Sociology into the study of business. 

3. Why did you choose to customize your management degree? 

I decided to create a concentration in Sustainability because as I progressed in my education at CWRU, I realized that what I really cared about was the environment and people. I was taking all of these environmental studies and sociology courses that tended to focus on these really big problems, and to me, sustainability offered the idea that business could act as a solution to these problems. I realized that this was what I really wanted to focus on, and that a concentration in marketing was not going to be enough of a formal declaration of interest for me, so I decided to pursue the formalized custom management degree and commit myself to my interests. 

4. How did your customized degree prepare you for after-graduation employment? 

By customizing my degree, I also conducted a year-long research project on the food industry and what it would take to move toward a more sustainable system as my senior capstone project. This not only introduced me to sustainable agriculture and sustainable food policy, but it also introduced me to research, giving me the skills I needed to succeed in my next two positions. My first job after graduating was a research associate position at the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition, an organization working toward a sustainable local food system here in Cleveland and in the County. While I was working at this position I applied for the Organizational Behavior PhD program back here at CWRU, and was accepted. I have now completed my first year in the PhD program, and can say that by customizing my major in undergrad and conducting a research capstone project, I was able to not only prepare for my future career path, but also realize that this was what I really wanted to do.

5. What advice would you give the student who is considering customizing their management degree? 

I would suggest to be sure that this is something you are really very interested in, as once you graduate you can't go back and change what your degree was in. If it is something you know you are interested in and think you might want to spend your career pursuing, then absolutely I would recommend customizing your major. CWRU and Weatherhead allow you the freedom to pursue exactly what it is you want to study and learn, and I would recommend taking advantage of this opportunity. If you know the direction you are hoping to go, customizing your major can help you move in that direction.
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