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CWRU Sustainability Alliance Lunch w/ Patrick Doherty of SIL

Posted 4.2.2015

Patrick Doherty, Co-Director of the Strategic Innovation Lab at CWRU presented at the CWRU Sustainability Alliance Lunch on April 2. The purpose of the Strategic Innovation Lab is to catalyze and support the transition to a new U.S. grand strategy for the 21st Century and prepare a new generation of strategic leaders. What is Grand Strategy? Grand strategy is the alignment of the nation’s economic engine, governing institutions, and foreign policy to meet the great global challenges of the era. The work of the SIL started at the Pentagon and continued at the New America Foundation where the team developed, “A New U.S. Grand Strategy” a white paper briefed to President Obama. In July of 2014, CWRU Chairman Chuck Fowler brought the SIL team to CWRU.

The Strategic Innovation Lab is building on those strategic concepts to accelerate the U.S. and the world toward a new era of prosperity, security and sustainability while remaining true to our nation’s founding principles. Powered by Case Western Reserve University’s Appreciative Inquiry methodology and leveraging advances in social media, the Strategic Innovation Lab will work from the top down with private sector and civil society leaders to develop a new economic engine for the nation, and from the bottom up right here in America’s industrial heartland.

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