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Love: The other four-letter word that drives your business

Posted 2.26.2015

Bill Paolillo, current Doctor of Management student at the Weatherhead School of Management, recently presented the TEDxMelville Talk, "LOVE: The other four-letter word that drives your business."

In 2013, a study of customer reviews for major retailers and industry analyzed over a billion online posts. Seventy percent of these posts were found to be neutral or positive; nearly 30% contained the word “love.”

It is passé to say that the Internet has disrupted business. What is less understood is how love is disrupting the way we need to do business on the Internet in order to survive and thrive.

Based off of his research in the DM program, Paolillo discusses three key points in his talk:

  1. It's not about the company, it's about YOU, the customers, the employees, the vendors, etc.
  2. Companies that co-create online receive online customer love.
  3. Companies that are playful when they are co-creating online receive twice as much online customer love.

Bill Paolillo is the President and Owner of The Alternative Board, Suffolk County, New York. Over the years, Bill has been involved in all aspects of running a business, from the tough early days of a startup right through to the sale of a successful business, helping companies go from losses to profit and dramatically grow sales and market share along the way. Bill believes the coolest thing you can do is share something with someone, have it make a positive impact on that person's business and that person’s life, and watch him or her pass it on. 

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