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Flourishing Enterprise listed as one of top 36 books on sustainability

Posted 1.28.2015

Flourishing EnterpriseFlourishing Enterprise is written by Chris LaszloFowler Center Faculty Director for Research and Outreach, and Judy Sorum Brown, along with Fowler Center distinguished fellows John R. Ehrenfeld, Mary Gorham, Ilma Barros Pose, Linda Robson, Dave Sherman, Paul Werder, and Roger Saillant, Executive Director, Fowler Center.

From SustainableBrands.com:

Times are changing. Millennials are both demanding and creating socially responsible brands. A shift to a sustainable economy seems inevitable to courageous optimists in the Sustainable Brands community, though the pace of progress is less than ideal. In order to equip our readers with vision and practical tools alike, we have compiled a list of Top Sustainability Books. Discover the favorite sustainability authors of our global community. The list covers anything from older, well-known books like Biomimicry, Natural Capitalism and Cradle to Cradle, to more recent influential books including The Responsible Entreprenuer, Flourishing Enterprise, Corporate Diplomacy and The Big Pivot. Get inspired, feel engaged and become equipped to succeed in today's fast-changing world.

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