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Mark H. Taylor discusses the "flipped classroom"

Posted 1.8.2015

Mark H. TaylorWhen Norman Nemrow, accounting professor at Brigham Young University, began promoting his video lecture teaching approach to accounting departments around the country, many faculty members felt it threatened their careers and their way of teaching.

Mark H. Taylor, Andrew D. Braden Professor of Accounting and Auditing and chair of the Accountancy Department at the Weatherhead School of Management, was one of the few professors immediately excited by the idea.

His experience shows that professors were right to worry about their roles changing. At the time, Mr. Taylor was at Creighton University, and he tried the flipped approach in a course with 40 introductory-accounting students.

"The students at Creighton did not bond to me, they bonded to him," he says, meaning to Video Norm. "I wasn’t really doing the instructing."

The experiment itself was a success, Mr. Taylor says. The students benefited from being able to rewind the lectures and review anything they didn’t initially understand. They also liked that they could play the lectures at double speed (something students at BYU typically do as well).

But he says he missed the feeling of connection with his students: "It was more of a pride thing on my part than any real problem with using these videos. I think some professors, including myself, love that lecture time." And in the flipped model, he felt, students were less willing to come to his office and ask questions.

‘It’s a Bit Tricky’

That was in 2007. Today Mr. Taylor is chairman of the accounting department at Case Western Reserve University, and he’s thinking of trying the flipped approach again, believing that the flexibility the videos give students outweighs his own feelings.


Read the full article, "When a Flipped-Classroom Pioneer Hands Off His Video Lectures, This Is What Happens," by Jeffrey R. Young in The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 7, 2015.


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