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MSM-Finance student invited to Bloomberg Institute's October Hall of Fame

Posted 12.9.2014

Weatherhead graduate finance student, Ruofan Yu, ranked among the top five performers in the Americas on the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) in October 2014. His impressive score of 720 out of 800 landed him an invitation from Bloomberg Institute’s coveted Hall of Fame. Yu was placed among students from other elite universities such as UPenn, Yale and University of Chicago. His outstanding result can be viewed on the Bloomberg Institute site.

The BAT test is a 100 question, online multiple choice test that measures a student's aptitude in business and finance. It provides students with practical problem solving questions that ask participants to make decisions based on real-world challenges they would face on the job in the finance industry. The test is updated each calendar month to ensure the questions incorporate current events in the financial markets. Globally, over 170,000 students have taken the test and it is offered at over 3,000 universities around the world.

"The BAT is not so much about the finance you study in school, but about how much you know about the real market," said Yu. "I believe my score reflected the passion I have about finance, and I have been paying a lot of attention to the market movement."

Not only does the BAT allow for students to measure themselves against their global peers, but it also provides them opportunities to connect with employers in the industry. Every student's profile is anonymously entered into the database that is accessible to all of Bloomberg's 20,000 Professional Services clients as well as over 1,000 additional employers around the world.


The BAT is free for students to take on their university’s campus. It is generally held twice a semester at Case Western Reserve University. 

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