Can showing emotion be good for teams? Weatherhead's John Paul Stephens finds out | Weatherhead

Can showing emotion be good for teams? Weatherhead's John Paul Stephens finds out

Posted 2.28.2014

Teams are more resilient to setbacks when members feel free to express both positive and negative emotions, according to the latest research from John Paul Stephens, PhD, assistant professor of organizational behavior at Weatherhead. The website Ideas for Leaders will highlight Stephens' research as its featured idea the week of March 4, 2014.

Stephens and his coauthors conducted two studies assessing the quality of individual and team relationships within organizations. They discovered that "emotional carrying capacity" (ECC)--meaning the ability for individuals to openly express a range of emotions constructively at work--is the key to healthy, trusting relationships among team members. And healthy teams bounce back more quickly from the inevitable setbacks that occur at work.

Find out how organizations can apply Stephens' research to build better, more resilient teams.


Learn how J.P. Stephens uses chamber music to teach teamwork to CWRU undergraduates.

Check out the original article, "Relationship Quality and Virtuousness: Emotional Carrying Capacity as a Source of Individual and Team Resilience," in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (a subscription may be required for access).

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