Posted 12.19.12

Yebo Pan, MS-Finance '13, and Cheng Gu, MS-Finance '13, tied for first place in the 2012 Stock Market Simulation Game held by the Finance and Investment Club. Brad Pyle, JD/MBA '15, was awarded third place in the competition. Participants had a million virtual dollars to invest in stocks and options, and a month to experiment. On December 6, finalists presented the results of their investment strategies to a panel of judges including Banking and Finance Professors Peter Ritchken and Scott Fine as well as Don Ross of Alpha-Squared Capital Management and Mark Koenig of Fifth Third Bank.
Pan, who managed to quintuple his $1 million by straddling stocks, stressed that with all the ups and downs stocks experience, it's good practice to "be humble to the market." Gu made use of options and profited by taking risky positions. He capitalized on market volatility rather than investing in market movement. Pyle, whose background includes political consulting, based his strategy on his prediction that President Obama would win reelection; he focused on healthcare and defense investments.

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