Weatherhead students receive gift from anonymous donor

Posted 10.12.2012

First year MBA student receives book from donorIt wasn’t a text book or required reading that found its way into the hands of incoming graduate students, but the New York Times best-seller The Millionaire Next Door. Each member of the incoming class received a copy during orientation from a 1971 Weatherhead alumnus who wished someone had placed a book like this in his hands earlier in life.

“There are many ways to become wealthy, and I didn’t fit the corporate mold,” says the books' donor. “People can make money, but are not necessarily wealthy. This book offers a recipe for success for becoming wealthy that mirrored my own life.” It was as if authors Thomas J. Stanley, PhD, and William D. Danko, PhD, had written his life story for him.

The gift took students by surprise. Their consensus? It’s not every day that you receive a gift from someone you’ve never met, but who is willing to invest in your future.

Rebecca Yun, MAcc '13, who also read Stanley's The Millionaire Mind, is excited to read the new book. However, she is even more eager to thank the person who made the donation. “It is so encouraging to know that there is an alumnus who is interested in the success of the students at Weatherhead. I really appreciated the gift,” she says.

In a note of thanks, Baixue Ma, MAcc '14, writes, “I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to the generous donor of The Millionaire Next Door. I think it is a very kind and thoughtful gift for new students. I also believe this book would provide great guidance in our future careers. I do feel very touched and inspired. If only I could become rich enough in the future, I would wish to do such a nice thing for Weatherhead students.”

A simple gesture from someone who once sat in their seats has already had an impact on this young group as they begin their journey at Weatherhead--an impact the donor hopes will last over time. He expressed his hope that students gain from the book valuable insight on wealth and money that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Our school and its students benefit from the generosity of our alumni--expressed in unique contributions like this--every day. This donor's care for the present and future financial well-being of Weatherhead students shows how a community can look out for its own in simple, thoughtful ways.

As author Thomas Stanley writes, “Good health, longevity, happiness, a loving family, self-reliance, fine friends…if you [have] five, you’re a rich man....”

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