América Economía's 2012 MBA global ranking places Weatherhead in the 27th spot

Posted 5.18.2012

América Economía's 2012 MBA global ranking places Weatherhead in the 27th spot

Weatherhead’s MBA is #27 in the world according to América Economía, Latin America's premier source for economic and financial news, which releases a global ranking of MBA programs every year. Headquartered in Santiago, Chile, the publication’s outposts in Miami, Florida; Lima, Peru; Bogotá, Colombia; Guayaquil, Ecuador; São Paulo, Brazil; and Mexico City, cover business news throughout Latin America and globally.

“We’re gratified by this recognition from such a prestigious publication,” says Karla Schiebel, Director of Admissions for Latin America, whose primary focus is building relationships with universities and businesses throughout the region.

“We embarked on an exciting journey to promote Case Western Reserve University and Weatherhead in Latin America about a year ago,” Schiebel continues. “We are very fortunate for the openness of many local partners that are willing to share their ideas, offer their help, and join us in this ambitious project.”

Currently, Weatherhead is exploring markets primarily in Mexico, Colombia, and Chile, but Schiebel and Weatherhead have also made connections throughout Latin America.

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