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Custom Training – Making Something From Scratch Was Never So Easy

Posted 3.8.2012

by James Van Doren   


     Training and development: It’s important.  You know it, your boss knows it, your employees know it.  Unfortunately—just like eating a healthy, home-cooked meal—no matter how important it may be, it rarely feels like there’s time to do it properly.   But think of the costs of not training.  There can be lost opportunities, lost efficiencies, possible loss of your best talent, and even a loss of competitive advantage and market share.  So, the solution is finding training that is fast, targeted, and cost–effective—and meets the needs you have right now.

     Not only does CWRU’s Weatherhead School of Management offer well over 70 individual programs on our schedule, many of those programs can be brought into your organization “On Demand.”  That’s probably the simplest, most straightforward approach.  But it doesn’t exactly fit our home-cooked meal analogy. That’s where “Custom Programs” come in.

     When an organization needs a program (often multi-day and multi-disciplinary) to tackle an organizational change issue, a new market opportunity, or a complex challenge, then developing a program from scratch is often the best approach.  A customized program means pulling together a variety of talented faculty instructors who are experts in their fields.  It means defining and bounding the goals.  It also means designing a program that will be effective and practical. 

     Weatherhead’s Executive Education department has been developing educational training and development solutions for corporations and non-profits for more than 30 years.  With that experience comes an expertise that takes significant pressure off a company’s leadership team to develop a program by themselves.  To pursue our analogy, a custom Weatherhead program is like bringing in a personal chef so you gain the benefit of a delicious gourmet meal without all the prep-work and serving yourself.  By using a proven process for program development and design, the capabilities of our team and the knowledge of our faculty is focused and brought fully to bear on meeting your unique needs.  Add to that the fact that we do much of the work for and with you—and it means that for once, you might just be able to have your cake and eat it too.

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