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Make Your Own Path: Earn a Certificate

Posted 1.20.2012

by James Van Doren

Nearly 200 people achieve a Weatherhead Certificate each year.


There is evidence to suggest that the economy may be turning around.Most likely there will still be some hills and valleys.And most likely the floodgates of employment opportunity won’t be burst open by the time you read this.For those with a lot of drive, there may still be a way to a better position-and that better position might be right there in your own company.But how to get noticed?And how to get the nod that you might be in mind for that next opportunity?


While there is no magic bullet, you’ll find lots of articles online about how to set yourself up for a promotion.What they seem to have in common is mapping out your own career path and taking on more responsibility when you can.But they rarely talk about how to start the conversation with your boss that you are interested in that next step up. One entre to that conversation may be education.After all, asking your boss if he or she will pay for you to take a couple of classes is a great way to get a feel for if they are willing to invest in your growth, or not.If so, then you are on your way.If not, maybe that’s a good time to ask what you can do to get them interested in investing in you and your potential.


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