Posted 12.8.11

Nonprofit Management and Leadership, a leading publication in the nonprofit studies field, is sponsored by the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations. The Winter 2011 issue is now online. The authors of “Problems Recruiting Volunteers: Nature Versus Nurture” decompose volunteering environments into what they label “nature” and “nurture,” reflecting differential organizational amenity to managerial influence and the need for managerial flexibility in recruiting volunteers. “Founders’ Syndrome in Women’s Nonprofit Organizations: Implications for Practice and Organizational Life” tackles a familiar and bothersome matter, exploring especially the potentially negative impact on newer and younger stakeholders. A case study titled “Surviving Mission Drift: How Charities Can Turn Dependence on Government Contract Funding to Their Own Advantage” looks at how three organizations reacted to changing contracting environments. Other articles delve into Italian corporate foundations, comparative research on the personality characteristics of nonprofit and for-profit healthcare CEOs, and the benefit of selected tools for facilitating strategic planning.

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