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Call for Stories

Posted 4.19.2006

We are pleased to invite the submission of stories and workshops of corporate innovation to be showcased at a landmark Forum on “Business as an Agent of World Benefit: Management Knowledge Leading Positive Change.” Please see Forum overview for a full elaboration of the conference themes.

We invite you to scan your company’s past, present or future strategic initiatives in the areas of sustainable development, social responsibility, and corporate citizenship and submit one or more stories highlighting impressive innovation and impact. As a first step, we ask you to simply take about ten minutes to provide a brief response to the questions below and send it to us by May 15, 2006—or earlier if possible. We will, later, make available a team to work with the selected submissions to develop in-depth descriptions of the leading stories.

In addition, we will invite a select group of companies to work with us to produce several 6-7 minute professional “mini-documentaries” highlighting the most important strategic initiatives. The filming would take place on the condition of mutual consent and at times and locations most convenient for the selected companies. Leading stories will be selected based on their impact on the world, their business benefit, and the opportunity they present for showcase learning—valuable lessons for the next stages of global corporate citizenship.

Please submit a brief (1-page) overview of your company’s story of innovation (or a proposal for a “how to” workshop session) to by May 15, 2006—or sooner if possible. In addition to the overview, please include:

  1. Your  company's information: company name, contact name, phone, and e-mail address, and company description.
  2. Your response to the following question: Assume that anything imaginable is possible. If the deliberations at this conference could really make a difference in the world, which four people would you most like to see at the conference? Consider people from anywhere in the world, from any profession or discipline. Consider people from both theory and practice, and especially those who bridge theory and practice? List the names of up to four people and include a sentence on why you think each would greatly add to the discussion along with as complete contact information as you can provide.

Please provide brief responses to the following questions.
1. What is the innovation? How accomplished: stages, methods of change, models or tools?

2. What is the benefit to society of the innovation?

3. How did your company benefit from the innovation? What were the business results?

4. What lessons did your company learn from the innovation? What could others learn?

The Forum will be held October 23rd-25th 2006 at Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. For more on this exciting opportunity as well as company partnership or co-sponsorship opportunities, please visit the Forum's website.

Call: 216-368-2160


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