December ITG Update | Weatherhead

December ITG Update

Posted 12.7.2005


Blackboard Wizard can help you setup your Spring Courses in Blackboard! Log into Blackboard, Select “Case Blackboard Instructors”, then select “Blackboard Wizard.”

  • Add a new Blackboard Site
  • Add Users to a Site
  • Remove Users from a Site
  • Update a Site Title
  • Reuse a Blackboard Site
  • Remove a Blackboard Site

Please contact Carleen Henderson (368-6930) with questions, comments, requests for assistance.

Classroom on Track gives you access to updated course rosters, student photos & profiles as well as data exports to PDF and Excel. Additionally, seating charts can be created for selected classrooms and instructors can track student attendance and participation.

Missing Photos? Students can have their picture taken in the Computer Lab or can sign a release form to have their Case ID photo added to Classroom on Track. A photo release form that you may copy and distribute in class can be provided by ITG; completed forms should be returned to ITG in LL-21. 


The end of the year is a great time to enter your Faculty Profile Database information that will be used in activity reports and online faculty profiles. Here are a few things to remember when entering data:

  • Make sure your pop-up blockers are turned off or set to allow pop-ups from this the Faculty Database site.
  • When entering data, make sure to enter a date for each piece of information; without a date, the entry will not appear on an activity report. To view data entered without a date, select the "Show data for all years" option at the top of the page.
  • Double-check the list of “Case Degree Granting Courses Taught in 2005” for any missing or incomplete listings.
  • Most importantly, review your report by visiting the Printing tab.

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