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EDM Community Presents at Nonprofit Conference

Posted 11.17.2005

ARNOVA, The Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, holds an annual conference which brings together researchers, scholars, and practitioners from around the world to present and discuss papers related to issues in nonprofit studies, voluntary action, and philanthropy. Each year, Weatherhead EDM students participate in the conference.

Paul Salipante, Weatherhead Professor, Labor & Human Resource Policy, EDM faculty member, and ARNOVA Panel Chair, has been attending the conferences for many years. When asked about conference and EDM participation, Paul comments, “EDM participants have a dramatic presentation style. The EDM students and alumni have a way of integrating issues that conference attendees feel are important and have a connection to their area of interest. Presentations tend to be seen by academics as very engaging and because of the student and alumni experience in the field and maturity, the EDM students are accepted by the scholars they meet.”

Joe Mandato, EDM Class of 2004 alumni and Managing Director of DeNovo Ventures in Menlo Park, California, believes that “EDM provokes active research whether as an enrolled student or for life ever after. It is a new skill and like any new skill it must be practiced. Having the continuing opportunity to participate in conferences such as ARNOVA with faculty, students and alums allows us to keep those skills honed and allows us to contribute to the continued development of useful knowledge.”

The 2005 ARNOVA Conference was held in Washington D.C. from November 17-19 with the theme Nonprofits, Philanthropy and the Public Agenda: Linking Research, Practice and Policy. This year EDM faculty, current students, alumni, and partners presented the following papers:

Panel: Fostering Social Capital and Collective Action in Minority Groups: Difficult Realities and Promising Prospects - Paul Salipante, Chair

  • "A Nonprofit Venture for Inner City Men" - Craig Soaries, EDM 2003
  • "Employee Self-Limiting Behaviors in Non-Dominant Culture Organizations" - Monika Hudson, EDM 2007
  • "Social Capital: A Missing Link in Entrepreneurship Development Among African Americans in Cleveland's Inner City" - Daniel Oruoch, EDM 2006
  • "Nigerian Immigrants Utilization of Ethnic Affiliations to Create and Transfer Social, Economic, and Human Capital" - James Ogundele, EDM 2006

Panel: From Field to Theory to Field: Research to Guide Improved Board Practice - Paul Salipante, Chair

  • "Development of a Concept -- Reciprocal Learning -- for Volunteer and Board Practice" - Don Zielstra, EDM 2003
  • "Empirically Developing an Alternative Model of Governance" - Joe Mandato, EDM 2004. Laura Steinbrink, Executive Director of Cleveland Bridge Builders, is presenting in Joe’s place.
  • “A Framework for Maximizing Board Member Outcomes in Organizations of Higher Education” – Susan Williams, EDM 2005
  • "Challenges in Producing and Disseminating Practitioner-Scholarship on Board Accountability" - Bart Morrison, EDM 2002

Panel: Entrepreneurship in the Nonprofit and Public Sectors

  • “Internal Entrepreneurship in Nonprofit Organizations: Examining the Factors That Promote Entrepreneurial Behavior Among Employees” – Mike Stull, EDM 2005


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