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White Boards

Posted 10.25.2005

By George Klippel

Did you know that at Weatherhead we have the ability to capture what you write on a white board electronically? We can do this with our portable electronic white board. You or your students can reserve this piece of equipment using the online reservation system.

Here are a few things you should know about the electronic white board.

  • It is portable and can be used in a classroom setting or office.
  • It has two sides that can be written on.
  • You can print whatever is on the board by using the built in printer.
  • You can connect your PC to it and save what is written in as an electronic file which can be printed later, emailed, or posted as an HTML page to your web or Blackboard site.
  • It can play back animations that you draw on the board. If you have a complex point to point process you are trying to explain, you can draw it on the board, save it as an animated file and email or post this for your students.
  • Special software is required for use with with the white board, and our staff will gladly install it for you on your laptop if requested.


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