Social Entrepreneurship Research | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Social Entrepreneurship Research

  • The Business of Building a Better World: The Leadership Revolution That is Changing Everything (Cooperrider, Selian 2022)
  • Innovating to Flourish: Toward a Theory of Organizing for Positive Impact (Ch. 16) (Dhar, Fry 2021)
  • Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility is the Future of Management (Haski-Leventhal, Cooperrider 2018)
  • Positive Capitalism & the Opportunity of Mirror Flourishing: The Grammar of Interconnection is the Business Discipline of our Age (Cooperrider 2016)
  • Side-Payments and the Costs of Conflict (Kimbrough, Sheremeta 2013)
  • Top Guns May Not Fire: Best-Shot Group Contests with Group-Specific Public Good Prizes (Chowdhury , Lee, Sheremeta 2013)
  • Corporate Citizenship is a Matter of World Affairs (Cooperrider, Fry, 2012)
  • Fairmount Mineral (Chatterjee, Sharma 2011)
  • Socially Responsible Communication: Shifting from Access and Informing to Engaging and Interacting (Fry, Cooperrider, 2011)
  • Developing Tomorow's Business Leaders to Enact Corporate Citizenship (Fry, Cooperrider, 2010)