Corporate Governance Research | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Corporate Governance Research

  • Lessons from the Nickel Plate Railroad, 1881-1916: A Railroad Built to be Sold (Foltin, Previts, Flesher 2022)
  • The Curse of Extremes: Generalist Career Experience and Initial CEO Compensation (Peck, Georgakakis, Greve, Ruigrok 2020)
  • The Changing Role of Business: A Comment on the Recent U.S. Business Roundtable Statement (Laszlo, Widing 2019)
  • The Association between Executive Pay Structure and the Transparency of Restatement Disclosures (Hogan, Jonas 2016)
  • The Globalization of Innovation: Changes in Multinational Enterprise Structures (Lynn, Salzman 2005)
  • The Evolution of Auditing in the United States: Professional Self-Regulation and Credible Government Threats (Grant, Bricker, Bailey, Turner 1993)
  • Board room strategic decision making: Understanding the Antecedents (Peck, Bailey)
  • Insights from an Analysis of Audit Committee Governance Practices at U.S. Registered Investment Company Boards (Jenkins, Pyzoha, Taylor)