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Corporate Communication Research

  • Taking Your Talents to Business Communications: Analyzing Effective Communication through LeBron James’ Career Moves (Manisaligil, Bilimoria 2016)
  • Overcoming the reluctance to convey negative information during an information system pre- implementation revie (Tuttle, Taylor, Wu 2014)
  • Symbolic Action Research in Information Systems (Aakhus, Agerfalk, Lyytinen, Te'eni 2014)
  • Behavioral Spillovers in Coordination Games (Cason , Savikhin, Sheremeta 2012)
  • Socially Responsible Communication: Shifting from Access and Informing to Engaging and Interacting (Fry, Cooperrider, 2011)
  • Dynamic Graphical Representation of Financial Statements: A Design Inquiry and Empirical Results (Zhao, Grant, Collopy, Boland, Jr. 2010)
  • CEO Risk-Related Incentives and Income Smoothing (Grant, Markarian, Parbonetti 2009)
  • The SEC's Impact on Earnings Disclosure Readability (Meckfessel)
  • The dimensional structure of transparency: A construct validation of transparency as disclosure, clarity, and accuracy in organizations (Schnackenberg, Tomlinson, Coen)