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Ways Students Can Be Trained For The Corporate World

Ways Students Can Be Trained For The Corporate World



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While venturing into the corporate world, aspiring college grads envision a journey into the real world with vigor and zeal to scale mountains and accomplish their dreams. It is the first footstep towards an opportunity to make a difference and get paid while doing it- what could possibly be a better deal? The bright eyed optimism however often gives way to a transition phase that can easily be described as daunting and may lead to a bit of disillusionment. Efforts to thrive or even to survive may pose equal challenges to students. All the more reason then, to start out on the right footing. Transitioning from classroom to board room, into a landscape of opportunities to grow and fly, can go very fruitfully, only if a journey begins with the right skill set and the right mind set. This article gives a description of skills, soft and hard essential for success in the corporate world.<br><br>(India Today is <b><u>India’s top most news magazine with a circulation of 9.15 million</u></b> according to estimates(https://www.indiatoday.in/mail-today/story/india-today-magazine-tops-all-magazines-in-readership-1511306-2019-04-27 ) , akin to India’s alternative to Forbes Magazine)<br><br>Simultaneously published in Europe through Indianow.eu: <a href="https://indianow.eu/education/how-students-can-be-trained-for-a-corporate-world/">https://indianow.eu/education/how-students-can-be-trained-for-a-corporate-world/</a>