The Management of Aviation and Aerospace

The Management of Aviation and Aerospace


  • A D . Flowers


Journal of Aviation and Aerospace Perspectives, 1 ed., vol. 1, pp. 49-57, March 2011




Many challenges face the aviation and aerospace industries. Some of these are technology challenges that only scientific breakthroughs may help solve. But a large number of them can be improved through the process of management. One of the charges of the new Journal of Aviation and Aerospace Perspectives (JAAP) is to help these industries address these challenges via the publication of both rigorous and relevant articles covering a broad industry landscape. To illustrate the many possible ways in which management may contribute to both the industries and to the new journal, a context is set to establish where management applications could be applied, and then a set of application areas are proposed, all of which may be addressed to some extent by the field of management. These areas will, of course, change over time as the industries evolve and change.