Reconnections for Life Enhancement: Daughters After Mother Loss

Reconnections for Life Enhancement: Daughters After Mother Loss



Mothers and Daughters: Complicated Connections Across Cultures, pp. 21-46, July (3rd Quarter/Summer) 2012


I extensively updated and revised this article,fall semester, 2009, after the book publisher withdrew the book contract due to the cancer of one of the book editors, and untimely delivery of the completed manuscript. Updated again in spring 2010 with this chapter being the sample chapter for publisher review, now to be Chapter 2 in the edited collection. Camera ready copy delivered fall, 2012. Finally published. This research proposes that a mother-daughter relationship is so essential that it continues to be renegotiated throughout a daughter's life, even after her mother has died. Oral narrative provided by twenty-two daughters were examined to determine whether daughter-mother connections continue to exist, the forms these connections take, and reasons daughters create and maintain such connections. Results indicate that these after-death connections provide daughters with essential feelings for living healthy, adult careers and lives, by supplying continued support, encouragement, and a sense of security and guidance.